Tanning Workshop 2: R for Demography and IUSSP Workshop on Estimating Migration with R

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Tanning Workshop 2:

R for Demography and IUSSP Workshop on Estimating Migration with R

Dates: Oct. 5-9, 2019, Shanghai, China

Host: Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI), Shanghai University

Tutor: Guy Abel


This workshop has two parts. The first part focuses on the introduction of the R statistical language for handling, investigating and displaying demographic data. The second part, organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on International Migration: Strengthening the Knowledge Base for Policy explores methods for estimating migration, their implementation in R and visualizing migration patterns. Participants may attend only the second part if they are already familiar with R.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be familiar with the R environment, its basic functions and more advanced methods from some of the most popular R packages for importing, manipulating and visualizing data. They will also have accustomed to common strategies used to estimate migration and visualize patterns.


Practical hands-on exercises will be emphasized throughout the workshop to build up participants R experience. No prior knowledge of R is necessary, although participants should be comfortable using computers to handle data sets in statistical software (such as SPSS or Stata) and spreadsheets (such as Excel). The workshop will last for five days, with a tentative schedule for each day from Oct 5th-9th:

1) An introduction to R, including basic R functions, accessing R packages and using RStudio effectively.

2) Visualizing demographic data in R using the ggplot2 package, including basic charts, facet plots and maps.

3) Managing demographic data in R using the tidyverse suite of packages, including reading data of different formats into R and summarizing, combining and reshaping data within R.

4) Methods for estimating migration in a variety of missing data situations and their implementation in R.

5) Visualizing migration data in R using the circlize package.

Participants will gain the experience in each of these areas through lectures interspersed with practical computing exercises. Besides experience of handling data using statistical software, participants should also have a basic knowledge of demography, mathematics and statistics.


Deadline of application: July 15, 2019


Please apply through:


Contact: Yu Zhang, zhangyu539@shu.edu.cn

Tel: 00 86 21 6613 2080

Address: No. 99 Shangda Road, Shanghai, China

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